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QM•IT Future Leaders In Fashion Program


Online sign-up form for children or students in grades K-12* for our one month (4-week) fashion camp program. 

* Students who are 18 years must be in high school.


* Required


1.  Parent or Guardian's Name (First & Last): *


2.  Phone Number (mobile): *


3.  Home Address: *


4.  Email Address: *


5.  What is your annual income?: *

Email "Proof of Income" which can include your tax return, most recent pay stub or current bank statement, to


6.  Last 4 of Your Student's Social (Required for Federal Grant): *


7.  Child's Name (First & Last): *


8.  Child's Birthdate: *


9.  Why is your child interested in the QM•IT Future Leaders In Fashion program?  *


10.  Does your child have any special needs or dietary restrictions? *


Your details were sent successfully!

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